Breading & Batter Mixes

 •Chicken Breading

 •Fish Breading

 •Catfish Breading 

 •Seafood Breading

 •Vegetable Breading

 •Crawfish/Shrimp Breading

 •All Purpose Breading

 •Tempura Batter

 •Pancake Mix

 •Cornbread Mix


•Crab & Shrimp Boil

•Crawfish Boil

Ingredients Corporation of America specializes in the production and formulation of batters and breading to accomodate all types of customers. With a wide range of recipes, we can supply the needs of distributors, manufacturers, restaurants, and bakeries in bulk or batch packaging. We also offer custom formulations for your existing recipes. We provide consistent flavor and quality for each blend we produce. 

Ingredients Corporation of America


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