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Express gratitude to your clients with customized closing gifts that stand out!

Individual labels and box can be completely customized with your business name or logo!

Two Unique 6-pack Gift Boxes

$25 per box

(8 box minimum)

BBQ 6-pack

Seasoning 6-pack 

(Choose 6 from these options)

∙Mild BBQ Rub

∙Sweet BBQ Rub

∙Bourbon BBQ Rub

∙River Mix BBQ Rub

∙Hot BBQ Rub

∙Memphi BBQ Rub

∙Garlic Butter

∙Memphi Chicken Seasoning

∙Greek Seasoning

∙Steak Seasoning

∙Cajun Lemon Pepper

∙Lemon Pepper

∙Cajun Seasoning 

∙Tequila Lime Rub

∙All Purpose

Additional gift box sizes available

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